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Outdoor Signs and Displays

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Resolution and Viewing Distances
Resolution is the physical distance measured in millimeters from the center of one pixel to its closest neighboring pixel. The higher the number, the less pixels and the lower the resolution; the smaller the number, the more pixels and higherthe resolution. Let’s take one more step. Resolution is the number of pixelscontained in the physical area of your LED display. The more pixels you have per square meter, the more detail your wall will display. Overall resolution is determined by display size, pixel technology, pixel pitch and viewing distance.

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Specification sheets  
Determining the right brightness for your application is extremely important. Having a screen that is not bright enough, or too bright, can render your installation useless and ineffective.Here are a few things to consider when designing your LED wall:Indoor Brightness: 1000-1500 nits is enough for most indoor use. Outdoor Brightness at close viewing: 2000-3000 nits is usually enough for most situations. Outdoor Brightness with direct sun: up to 5,000 + nits should be enough in most situations
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